Points of Interest & Building Footprints for Great Britain

Analyze markets and communities with comprehensive points of interest (POIs) and building footprints for England, Scotland, and Wales.

Points of Interest & Building Footprints for Great Britain

Coverage, Quality, and Freshness for Accurate Analytics

SafeGraph Core and Geometry are updated monthly to ensure data freshness and precision.

Compared to other British places data providers, SafeGraph has:

  • A higher count of POI records
  • Less duplicate records
  • More accurate geocodes

SafeGraph Core

Points of Interest

Leverage millions of POIs for hundreds of brands across Great Britain to level-up your trade area analysis, site selection, investment research, and urban planning workflows.

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Points of Interest

SafeGraph Geometry

Building Footprints

Precisely map locations with machine-generated, human-verified polygon data. Understand the relationships between places with detailed spatial hierarchy metadata.

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Building Footprints

Versatile Data for Geospatial Use Cases

Top 5 Use Cases for POI Data

Hear from our Customer Success team on the five most common use cases they see POI data used for, across the Mapping, Real Estate, Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), Financial Services, and Healthcare industries.

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Top 5 Use Cases for POI Data

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How often is SafeGraph data updated?

SafeGraph Core and Geometry datasets are updated monthly to ensure freshness and accuracy.

Does SafeGraph offer foot traffic data in Great Britain?

At this time SafeGraph does not provide foot traffic data outside of the US and Canada.

How much does SafeGraph's data for Great Britain cost?

Like all of our data, the cost of our Great Britain offering depends on the amount of rows, columns, and frequency of delivery you request. You can buy data directly from the shop or contact our sales team to learn about enterprise pricing.


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