Get started with a free dataset.

Our free data includes publicly available datasets that we've cleaned and packaged as well as large samples of our Places data for you to instantly start playing with.


Starbucks and Dunkin POI

Retail Brands Miami Dade

Open Census Data

Includes all data from the US Decennial Census and American Community Survey 5-year Estimates by Census Block Group (CBG) for the release years 2016 - 2020.

Global Places Sample Data

A sample of our Places dataset including 100 rows of points of interest (POI) from a randomized set of countries.

Precision Polygon Data with SafeGraph

A sample of our Geometry data with spatial hierarchy for mapping, visit attribution, and insurance risk assessment.

Spend Data Sample

As sample of our aggregated transaction data tied to specific POI.

Parking Lots Sample Data

A sample of our Parking Lots Geometry dataset including 100 rows.