Point POIs

Transit Stops, ATMs, Charging Stations, & More

A premium set of Places rows for POIs without geometries - like bus stops, ATMs, and more.

Getting accurate data on non-traditional places used to be near impossible.

In all major cities, find thousands of point POI all in one clean dataset that can easily be appended and joined to existing POI data.

POIs are considered point data if they are not bound by a polygon.

Examples include:

  • ATMs
  • Electrical vehicle charging stations
  • Kiosks
  • Transit stops
  • Vending machines
  • And more


Enhance your site selection or route planning with highly granular point POIs

Adding point POIs to your models provides a more complete view into the world around us. Easily append transit stops, ATMs, and other point data to your existing POI dataset to include critical information about non-traditional places.

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Enhance your site selection or route planning with highly granular point POIs


New data, same SafeGraph quality

Thousands of organizations choose SafeGraph as a data partner because they trust the data to be complete, accurate, and reliable.

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New data, same SafeGraph quality

Growing Coverage

Thousands of new point POIs in every release

Since we first launched point POIs, our customers have begged for more categories and geographies. Visit the point-only POI metrics docs page to keep up to date with up-to-date statistics of point POI broken out by count, distinct brands, and geography.

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Thousands of new point POIs in every release

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What countries do you offer point POIs in?

Our geographical coverage continues to expand with each monthly release. For the most up-to-date coverage statistics, visit our point POI coverage docs page.

I don't receive point POIs today, how can I get access?

Point POIs are a premium set of rows that can easily be appended to Places. Contact your SafeGraph Customer Success Manager, or fill out our contact sales form to get a quote.

What data attributes or columns do I receive with point POIs?

Point POIs are an extension of Places, so you would receive every column in the Places schema.


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