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Dosh’s Card-Linked Offers Platform Is Powered By SafeGraph Places Data


Dosh is a card-linked offer platform connecting brands to consumers with automatic cash back when they make purchases.


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About Dosh

Dosh is a card-linked offer platform connecting brands to consumers with automatic cash back when they make purchases, ultimately driving higher spend and brand loyalty. Directly integrated into major card networks, Dosh enables brands to track advertising spend to every transaction, providing measurable attribution both online and offline.

The Challenge:
Accurate Business Data For Major Retail Brands

To provide consumers with purchased-based rewards, the card-linked offer industry requires accurate location data for each and every brand venue. Reward platforms need store location data in order to match card network transactions with a user’s relevant purchases and reward their cash back.

Store location data sourced directly from the card networks often contains out of date or incomplete address data that doesn’t meet Dosh’s needs. For large retailers, 10-20% of store locations would be missing from the card network data. This resulted in higher contact rates for customer service to sort out missed transactions.

Sourcing the venue data directly from the brands themselves is also challenging. Due to silos within many large retail organizations, marketers often don’t have the most up-to-date information about their own store locations. This can force platforms to wait multiple weeks to get the most recent data from the right group within the retailer, which slows down the merchant onboarding process to start the rewards campaign.

The Solution: SafeGraph Places Data

To overcome these industry challenges, Dosh’s data science team evaluated multiple location data providers before choosing SafeGraph.

Dosh compared SafeGraph’s Places data for a national coffee/quick serve restaurant with over 9,000 venues to data sourced from the card networks and several other data providers. They found that SafeGraph data had 90 store locations that other providers were missing. Additionally, Dosh found 100 locations which other providers said were related venues but were actually closed or non-related businesses of a different brand.

Dosh chose to use SafeGraph Places not only for its high precision and recall, but also due to SafeGraph’s simpler commercial term structure and flexible data licensing rights when compared to other POI data providers.
By integrating SafeGraph Places data, Dosh was able to match store locations more accurately to the correct card network IDs. This allowed Dosh to speed up the merchant onboarding process from weeks to days. The accuracy of SafeGraph’s data also reduced customer service contacts and is used in the Dosh app’s map in order to help guide users to nearby stores eligible for Dosh cash back as well.

Using SafeGraph’s POI and business listing data helped Dosh onboard new retailers faster onto our platform which decreased time-to-revenue, speeding up our whole business.
James Fenelon Director, Product Management

Overall, by integrating SafeGraph data into its onboarding process, Dosh was able to improve their go-to-market workflow, deliver a better customer experience to its users, and realize revenue faster from its partner retailers.

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