Integrate SafeGraph Data Into Your Existing Workflows

We partner with leading GIS, cloud computing, and data storage companies to make SafeGraph's high-quality location data easily accessible. Explore our partner integrations below.

Integration Partners


Skip the two-step process - access SafeGraph data directly through CARTO via CARTO’s Spatial Data Catalog.


Get SafeGraph data delivered directly to Snowflake, or download from the Snowflake Data Marketplace.


Experiment with POI Data - access SafeGraph Places data directly through ArcGIS Marketplace and Business Analyst.


Browse in one place - access SafeGraph data directly through the AWS Marketplace.


SafeGraph and PredictHQ enable organizations with detailed and accurate points of interest and intelligent event data to better understand an event’s impact and take action.


CoreLogic and Placekey’s goal is to solve the data-joining problem most organizations face today by connecting unique location identifiers in one place.


Enterprise SafeGraph customers can access data through Databricks' Delta Sharing, an open standard for secure data sharing.


Take your analysis to the next level with detailed point of interest data from SafeGraph directly in Domo.


Ingest clean, accurate POI data in Spectus’ secure geospatial platform to make informed business decisions.

Join the data revolution.