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We pored through spreadsheets to isolate categories and look for issues in the data. And SafeGraph was the clear winner. There was just so much weird, junky stuff in the other datasets, it just didn't pass basic data quality. So kudos to SafeGraph for a solid product.

- Nic Babb, VP, Product

We evaluated several sources of places data for the United States and found the SafeGraph data to be the best overall fit for Esri's requirements, given its relative currency, completeness, and accuracy.

- Deane Kensok, ArcGIS Content CTO

SafeGraph’s precision-based places data was crucial in allowing us to scale our operations and harness a data-driven approach to expansion.

- Eric Kung, Head of Research & Data Insights

Our model hit a performance ceiling, but adding SafeGraph Patterns data helped us break a key threshold which helped us close a major deal.

- Felipe Penha, Analytics Manager for CPG Vertical

Our work-from-home variable, fueled by SafeGraph data, became the dominant predictor of a new baseline and, even more, was stronger than any other economic variables we had previously used.

- Mark Garratt, Partner and Co-Founder

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