Parking Lots

Parking Lot Polygons

A premium set of Geometry rows depicting the shape and size of surface parking lots and their relationship to surrounding POIs.

Map millions of parking lots across the US with precise polygons.

Understand physical surface areas, identify parking deserts, and determine whether POIs have enough parking space to support visitor traffic.

Parking Lots includes traditional geometry attributes in addition to parking-specific metadata.

Columns include:

  • Placekey
  • Centroid latitude/longitude coordinates
  • Polygon WKT
  • WKT area (square meters)
  • Placekeys of related POIs

Detailed Metadata

Uncover the spatial relationships others don't see

Visualize and analyze the relationship between places and the surrounding parking lot(s) likely serving those POIs with columns noting related Placekeys.

Explore POI and parking lot relationships
Uncover the spatial relationships others don't see


Ditch the dirty data

SafeGraph Parking Lots are curated by data scientists, for data scientists. We source, clean, standardize, and de-dupe millions of rows each month to provide fresh, accurate, and precise Parking Lot data for streamlined and trustworthy analytics.

Learn more about our data curation process
Ditch the dirty data


Avoid stale insights

Power up-to-date models and maps with a true representation of a dynamically changing world.

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Avoid stale insights
Parking Lots Technical Docs
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Bulk download
Configure an S3 bucket for monthly data deliveries


What countries do you offer Parking Lots in?

SafeGraph currently builds Parking Lots for the US. Interested in another country? Set up a meeting and let us know.

I don't receive Parking Lots today, how can I get access?

Parking Lots are a premium set of rows that can easily be appended to Places and Geometry. Contact your SafeGraph Customer Success Manager, or fill out our contact sales form to get a quote.

How often is Parking Lots updated?

Like our Places and Geometry datasets, Parking Lots is updated monthly to ensure freshness and real-world accuracy. View our change log here.


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