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SafeGraph Places data is built to help today’s developers create tomorrow’s leading applications.

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Set the pace of innovation
Rich attributes and monthly updates give you the precision and agility you need to build fast and stay ahead in the market.
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Clean, accurate, comprehensive POI data delivers consistently excellent product experiences that users will rely on and rave about.
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Data is rigorously curated, tagged, categorized, and delivered ready to use so your team can focus on product building, not data processing.
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“The time spent munging the information is time lost to providing real value to our clients. With SafeGraph, however, we’ve not only improved the efficiency and effectiveness of our analysis but also have been able to increase our speed to value—now our analysts can answer our clients’ questions and deliver actionable insights faster than ever before.”
Julian Adams, Director of Data Science at Avison Young
Customer-winning experiences

Develop apps and platforms users love

Build quickly without sacrificing functionality or performance. Always-fresh, accurate, attribute-rich Places data ensures exceptional product experiences that win customers.

Clear Channel Europe’s RADAR platform designs high-performing ad campaigns with SafeGraph Places
Gain access to POI data for any place in the world
Market-leading ANALYSES

Fuel insight tools that give you an edge

Powerful analysis platforms are only as relevant as the data they use. Places data accurately reflects the rapidly shifting physical world, giving you the advantage in competitive markets.

Avison Young uses SafeGraph Places to power deep real estate site research for clients
Gain access to POI data for any place in the world
A collaborative relationship

Work with a modern data partner

We’re laser focused on sourcing the highest quality POI data for our customers and proactively supporting their technological innovation and growth.

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Gain access to POI data for any place in the world

POI data that keeps up with the changing world

Get the freshest, most accurate data about physical places.