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We’re focused on doing one thing really well—providing the highest-quality global places data available to power the most innovative tools and insights.
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Ready-to-embed files delivered to the environment of your choice and simple, nonrestrictive pricing and usage terms give you control of the data you buy.
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Monthly updates clearly detailing the data we’ve collected, cleaned, and processed means you never have to guess about our accuracy or coverage.
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“We never expected the dataset to be turnkey with our existing systems and datasets from day one—there’s always a bit of work to get it to where you need it to be, we’ve been blown away by SafeGraph’s proactiveness in helping us work through any issues we’ve encountered."
Andy Stevens, Chief Data Officer at Clear Channel Europe

We’re committed to solving your data challenges

Our team collaborates with you to create a Places dataset tailored to your use case.

We source data by request to serve your evolving needs and enhance our dataset.

A dedicated team member provides support, overseeing onboarding, troubleshooting, and regular check-ins.

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When vetting our options, we had two choices. Either we built this capability in-house from scratch or we worked with a partner like SafeGraph who could tick all of the boxes.”
Travis Riedlhuber, Managing Director at RainBarrel

We specialize in POI data so you don’t have to

Our rich Places data is meticulously sourced, cleaned, tagged, categorized, and delivered ready to use so you can embed it with confidence and focus your resources on creating user experiences and insights that grow your business.

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