Rich POI attributes that deliver premium user experiences and insights

Power your product with the most accurate and comprehensive collection of attribute data available.

Meaningful POI attributes add precision and context to your Places dataset

Universal placekeys are unique IDs that allow Places data to be easily joined with other datasets.
Geographic Coordinates
Exact latitude and longitude coordinates accurately pinpoint the centroid of individual POIs, even when they are part of a larger polygon.
Industries & Categories
Exhaustive, granular industry classifications and category tags provide meaningful POI details and differentiation.
Opened/Closed Dates
Business opening and closing dates are carefully tracked for an always up-to-date record of market changes.
Commercial POI chains are defined by brand name and unique brand IDs for easy, highly specific brand location queries and workflows.
Store IDs
Brand-designated IDs for individual stores work as join keys for additional data enrichment.
Precise POI footprints (not just building outlines) including metadata about relationships to surrounding places.
...and more
Accurate open hours, phone numbers, website URLs, address details, and more—create a custom dataset to suit your unique application.

Clear pricing means cost certainty

No open-ended pay-per-use policies — stay on budget with straightforward pricing
Flexible monthly delivery
A clean, ready-to-use data file is delivered every month to your chosen environment for easy ongoing integration.
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Pricing tailored to data scope
Determine the number of location rows you need, add rich attribute columns to build the level of detail you want, and choose usage that fit your use case.
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Deliver better products with premium POI data

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