SPEND data

Enrich POIs with Aggregated Transaction Data

See how and when people are spending their money at specific locations. Combine POI, polygon, and spending data to understand how consumers behave by geography.

Aggregated, permissioned, and anonymized consumer spending data for places

By layering aggregated transaction data over high-quality point of interest data, you can gain a clear understanding of consumer spending behavior. You can analyze spending trends over time at a set location, between locations, and even across entire regions.

Spend data provides detailed credit and debit transaction information like:
Median spend per transaction
Spend by day
Spend by customer frequency
Online vs in-person spend

The most comprehensive transaction data tied to places

Spend data is built with the largest source of credit and debit transactions available, plus a proprietary methodology to match transaction data to individual POIs for location-based insights.

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Data Enrichment

Aggregated and anonymized transaction data for financial context

Enriching points of interest (POIs) with transaction data enables you to see the whole picture, whether for competitive intelligence, site profiling, or audience building.

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Ready to Use

Data comes cleaned and ready to use

Transaction data is messy, often requiring complex data engineering to be useful. Other providers do aggregation, but at too high a level to be insightful. Leveraging our expertise in the POI space, SafeGraph provides aggregated transaction data at the place-level for the most flexibility in analysis.

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Median spend per transaction for different McDonald’s locations

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Explore aggregated transaction data tied to places.

SPEND Technical Docs
Access all documents related to our transaction attributes below.
1. Spend data schema
See the schema for the Spend dataset so you understand how it pairs with Places and all relevant metadata.
2. Technical notebook
We outline exactly how our data is curated, and explore how to quantify sampling bias.
3. Summary statistics
See how comprehensive the Spend dataset is, detailing the attributes, brands, and regional coverage included.


Data can be accessed simply using any of the following 3 methods:
1. Bulk download
Access reliable, places-based transaction data at scale. Configure an S3 bucket for streamlined monthly data deliveries.
2. Snowflake
Query and download SafeGraph Spend directly through Snowflake to easily integrate transaction data into your workflows.
3. Request a sample
Reach out and try SafeGraph Spend for yourself. Explore the columns included and see the possibilities for enriching your current data.

Aggregated transaction data collection FAQ

What is aggregated transaction data & what does it include in Spend?

Aggregated transaction data is data on individual transactions such as payments, purchases, loans, bookings, and more. Transaction data is aggregated when it comes from multiple sources and is compiled into a single usable collection of data. Personal information is removed from transaction data so that individuals cannot be tied directly to their purchases; this allows investors, retailers, financial institutions, and more to use spending data without compromising individual identities. Instead, spending data can be used to understand how groups of people near a specific POI or in a specific area (such as a neighborhood), interact with the places around them.

How does SafeGraph build Spend data?

From raw transaction data, we use a proprietary algorithm to match anonymized transactions to POIs, leveraging the high quality information from our Places dataset to ensure high veracity matches. From there, we aggregate the matched transactions and apply rigorous QA methods to create the final Spend product. We source transactions from a well known financial data aggregator used by some of the largest financial institutions. We receive consumer-permissioned and de-identified credit and bank card spending data from accounts at thousands of financial institutions in the US, which we then aggregate to our POI dataset.

How often is Spend data updated?

Spend data is aggregated monthly and delivered about two weeks after the final day of the prior month. This delay is to ensure that all transactions appropriately settle and to provide enough processing time.

Does SafeGraph provide historical Spend data?

Currently, we have transaction records going back to January of 2020.

Which geographies does SafeGraph provide Spend data for?

Spend data is currently only available in the US. Interested in another geography? Let us know.

Spend Data Resources

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