Global Brands

Points of Interest (POI) Data for Any Brand, Anywhere in the World

Built for data scientists who need a comprehensive and reliable source of global POIs for every brand they care about.

Global POI data is hard to maintain. We collect, clean, and update it for you.

Global Brands brings you every column and attribute you currently get from SafeGraph Core, but for any brand anywhere in the world.

The Global Brands dataset includes:

  • Worldwide coverage for brands big and small
  • Every column available from SafeGraph Core
  • Location data, brand and category information, open/close details, and more

Global Coverage

Level up your international site selection efforts

For multinational brands, knowing where to invest globally can be a difficult process. Global Brands gives you a clear understanding of where certain brands or categories are located around the world.

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Level up your international site selection efforts

High Quality

Don't listen to us, listen to our customers

Data scientists unanimously agree that data quality is extremely important to making accurate data-driven decisions. Read about the six reasons why data scientists choose and trust SafeGraph data for their strategic decision-making.

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Don't listen to us, listen to our customers


Every column from Core Places, now at a global scale

Thousands of organizations use data from SafeGraph's Core Places to help understand the world around us through POIs. Dive deep into Core's technical details on our docs site.

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Every column from Core Places, now at a global scale

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How is Global Brands different from SafeGraph Core Places?

Global Brands is an extension of Core Places. With Global Brands, you get every column or data attribute from Core's schema, but for points of interest (POIs) of brands around the world.

How many brands do you have coverage on?

We're adding new brands with every monthly release and keep track of all brand statistics on our Places Summary Statistics page.

How often is the data updated?

We update our data every month in cadence with a monthly release process to our customers.


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