• The Source of Truth about Physical Places

    SafeGraph Places

  • SafeGraph algorithmically combines the best of all sources

    (ask us to go into detail on our machine learning algorithms)



    Onboarding data from thousands of diverse sources (that all have strengths and weaknesses).



    Compare, de-dupe, cross reference, and merge. Most accurate info is kept, bad data is discarded.



    Merge satellite imagery and municipal data. Use machine learning and human feedback to programmatically draw the best polygons


    Advanced Semantics

    Deep understanding of spatial hierarchy. POIs (like restaurants) can exist within other POIs (like airports).


    Verify / Improve

    Leverage unique truth sets (like transaction data and human movement data) to continually improve accuracy of the data.

  • SafeGraph Places 1.1

    SafeGraph Places 1.1 is curated:

    • 5MM+ points of interest (POI) covering all places someone can spend money (including all key brands as well as “mom & pop” shops)
    • Accurate Polygons for every place
    • Additional critical information such as brand (McDonald’s, Starbucks, etc.), hours of operation, street address, and category data
  • Getting to the truth requires crazy machine learning

    Semantic brand detection and hierarchy is important

    Simple things, like merging data from different sources, turn out to not be so simple.

    + We identify true brands from POI with merely similar names (e.g. Lee’s Sandwiches vs. Lee’s Deli)

    + Understanding hierarchical relationships like native substores (e.g. Walmart Vision Center) vs. foreign substores (e.g. CVS inside Target) enables us to better filter or keep POI.

    Spatial transformation and interpolation is important (and really hard).

    We intelligently partition an overall building shape into substores (think of a strip mall).

    We also strive to understand spatial relationships of substores within malls, stadiums, airports, and more.

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