SafeGraph Places Serves As The Source Of Truth For Physical Places

SafeGraph’s flagship Places dataset represents the source of truth of over 8,200,000 points of interest (POI) in the US, Canada, and UK. This includes core location information, spatial hierarchy metadata, place traffic data, and more.

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SafeGraph Places Serves As The Source Of Truth For Physical Places

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Core Places
Over 8,200,000 high-precision points of interest.

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Building footprints with spatial hierarchy for all POIs in the Core Places dataset.

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Foot traffic insights for places derived from anonymized mobile devices.

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Why Choose SafeGraph Places?

Three Core Competencies Make SafeGraph Places Stand Out

Data Quality - our machine learning and rigorous processes makes us expert de-dupers so the data comes out clean and accurate.

Data Coverage
- SafeGraph Places covers over 8.2M POIs in the US, Canada, and UK including over 6,900 brands.

Trusted Partner
- we value transparency and publish everything - including our flaws - on our docs site. Customers trust that we are not hiding anything.

Industry Use Cases For Places Data

Financial Services & Insurance

  • Private equity due diligence
  • Insurance risk assessment
  • Investment analytics

Retail & Real Estate

  • Shopper demographics and visitation patterns
  • Inform site selection strategy
  • Live trade area analysis

Marketing & Advertising

  • Create location-based audiences
  • Tell the story between store behavior and campaign performance
  • Location data for ads, measurement or analytics

Geospatial Analytics

  • Mapping and GIS software
  • GIS services

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