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Subscribe and Save: Introducing Self-Serve Data Buying with Automatic Monthly Updates

March 25, 2021
Evan Barry

As alluded to in a recent blog by our CEO Auren Hoffman on self-serve data buying, we know that as the market of data buyers matures, users are going to want more flexibility in how they access and buy data. Until recently, demand for high quality places data came primarily from organizations with large data teams, so it makes sense that almost 100% of SafeGraph users work for organizations with enterprise commitments to license SafeGraph data.

More recently, however, we’ve seen a huge increase in the number and types of organizations (and individuals) interested in places data. This data maturity evolution was naturally occurring but may have been accelerated by COVID-19, which reinforced the need for accurate truth sets in a time of uncertainty. In the last year for instance, we’ve seen over 7,000 academics, non-profits, and government organizations use SafeGraph data in a variety of ways.

SafeGraph’s mission is to provide access to data to anyone who needs it, anywhere they need it. So while we’re still seeing huge growth in the number of organizations buying enterprise data licenses to feed critical data models, we also need to serve the end-users who are interested in quickly trying the data for themselves.

Purchasing power is shifting towards the end-users, who want access to products right when they need it. Source

Introducing Self-Serve Subscriptions

So with that, we’re excited to announce that anyone can get access to the same automated monthly updates of SafeGraph data that our enterprise clients enjoy. For the past year, we’ve enabled users to make one-time purchases of our data. Now, users can subscribe to receive monthly updates of the exact data they need (and save money in the process).

One of the most important aspects of buying data is making sure you have access to the most accurate and up-to-date data possible. One-time purchases are great for a point-in-time analysis, or project-based work, but if you want to incorporate data into your critical data models, you need to make sure that data is up-to-date. With subscription purchases, you can now get access to the latest month of our Core, Patterns, and Geometry data, automatically.  

This is a great way to start working with smaller samples of our data to evaluate how they fit into your data models. You can start by picking a single region, brand, or category to incorporate into your model to evaluate the value that this data can bring to you. What’s great about these subscription models is that it can evolve with you. As you expand your data needs, you can modify the existing subscription as needed.

Starting Your Subscription

To get started with a subscription purchase, simply select the subscription option at checkout for the cut of data that you need. You’ll save 40% on the monthly cost of this data versus making a one time payment. 

Each month on the 15th, we’ll automatically drop the latest month of data into your My Downloads folder and email you a link to the data. 

Use the coupon SubscribeAndSave at checkout to receive $100 off the first month of your subscription purchase (expires April 1st).

Your Feedback is Critical

In order for us to achieve our vision, we need to understand how to make our data better for you. We’re always looking for feedback on our data, delivery mechanisms, content, and partnerships. Register for a live demo of our self-serve data buying process and we can answer any of your questions. 

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