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SafeGraph Facts: Free, Detailed Statistics About Commercial Points of Interest and Consumer Foot-Traffic

November 11, 2019

Today, SafeGraph is excited to launch a new platform for making Places, Points of Interest (POI), and consumer foot-traffic data available to the world for free: SafeGraph Facts.

SafeGraph Places and Patterns are rich datasets covering 6MM Places POI in the US and Canada (focused on places where consumers can spend money). SafeGraph Places includes detailed metadata and geospatial data about each place, and SafeGraph Patterns features powerful aggregated foot-traffic data for over 3.6MM POI in the USA.

For SafeGraph Facts, we have brought together an extremely high fidelity archive on over 5,000 brands covering over 150 industries and 6 million places across the United States and Canada, derived from SafeGraph Places and Patterns.

SafeGraph Facts are aggregations and summaries of SafeGraph Places & Patterns, made easily discoverable and searchable.

Just a few of over 150 industries, 50 regions, 5000 brands, and 6 million POI covered by SafeGraph Facts.
Have you ever wondered exactly how many Full-Service Restaurants are in the United States?

How about Amusement Parks? Beauty Salons? Gas Stations?

Have you ever wondered what is the busiest (most popular) day at Commercial Banks in the state of California? (The answer is Monday)

SafeGraph Facts brings insights about commercial points-of-interest to everyone on the web.

You are strongly encouraged to spend time exploring SafeGraph Facts. And let us know what you think!

  • Interested in building some of your own SafeGraph Facts? Download full record-level data from the SafeGraph Data Bar. Use coupon code SafeGraphFactsBlog for $100 worth of free data, no credit card necessary.
  • Interested in learning more about SafeGraph Places and Patterns, or want to leverage larger datasets? Please get in touch with our sales team.
  • Interested in more pages or specific kinds of insights? Send us a message at [email protected], and we will let you know when we publish more pages!

Special shout out to talented SafeGrapher Sheldon Trotman for amazing work on SafeGraph Facts. Sheldon is Hacker In Residence @ SafeGraph.

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