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Now Available: Free Download of Canada Points of Interest (POI) Data

February 1, 2021
Stu Kendall

[May 2021 Update] - We're temporarily working on the SafeGraph Shop and the free dataset is not available via the link mentioned below. If you're interested in the free Canada Core POI dataset, please visit our Contact Sales page and leave a note in the comments with your request.

Now available in the SafeGraph Shop is a free download of Canada points of interest (POI) data.
We've taken some of the most used attributes of our Canada Places dataset and are giving them away for free to allow users to begin leveraging POI data without the full commitment. 

To download the free dataset, visit

As a user, you will get:

  • 615,516 rows of Canada POI
  • Coverage of 900 unique brands
  • 10 data attributes including: Placekey, Location Name, Brand ID, Top Category, City, Region, Postal Code, Country Code, Latitude, and Longitude.

For users that are new or just getting started with POI data, this can be a great starting point to get access to over 600,000 rows of data for free. 

To download your free copy, visit

For more Canada Places resources:

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