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Introducing Places Patterns: Foot Traffic & Store Visitor Insights Dataset

October 23, 2018
Auren Hoffman

The Answers to How People Interact with the Physical World

SafeGraph aims to be the source of truth about the places in the physical world. We embarked on that goal by first defining what exists with SafeGraph Places, the most accurate business listing and building footprint dataset in the US.

Today, we’re excited to release Places Patterns: the answers to how people interact with the places in the physical world.

Places Patterns extends SafeGraph Places to answer questions like:

  • How do visits and visitors to this place change over time?
  • Where do visitors come from and how far do they travel?
  • Where else do these visitors go?
  • What times of day/week do people visit this place?
  • How long do they stay (or dwell) at this place?

These insights are pre-aggregated, anonymized, and included directly in the Places Patterns dataset. There’s no extra data processing required.

How trendy is a place?

Visit and visitor counts are available to understand footfall traffic to a place. Places Patterns is updated monthly to analyze aggregated and anonymized foot traffic over time for brand financial forecasts, site selection, or competitive intelligence.

Relative popularity of coffee shops in downtown San Francisco (by visit count). © Mapbox, © OpenStreetMap

What type of people visit?

Places Patterns includes the top census block groups (CBG) for visitor daytime and nighttime locations to analyze aggregated visitor demographics. Join this data with other publicly available datasets to understand visitor income, education, employment status, and other characteristics. Esri customers can seamlessly integrate Tapestry Segmentation to analyze the socioeconomic characteristics of visitors.

Esri Tapestry Segments associated with Coffee Bean and Dunkin’ Donuts visitors in Los Angeles.

Early Places Patterns customers are already analyzing the changing demographics of neighborhoods over time to predict the next best location to open for their target audiences.

Which other places do visitors go to?

What brands do visitors frequent in the same day or month? Are they visiting a competitor? Is there an opportunity to do co-marketing with another brand? What are other trends?

Sears filed for bankruptcy last week and analysts are already trying to predict which retailers are most likely to pick up Sears’ customers. Turning to Places Patterns for direction, we found that Sears shoppers nationwide are most likely to also shop at Walmart, Dollar Tree, and Dollar General which suggests that these retailers will see the largest lift in sales in the upcoming months.

Top retailers that Sears visitors also go to based on our same brand visit scoring.

Unlocking access to popular times and visit duration

Our core mission is to be the geospatial data utility to all and power innovation through open access to data. One of the most sought after datasets has consistently been the data behind when people typically visit places and how long they stay. Google has refused to provide access to their popular times data despite it being a top feature request as it is in their interest to hoard this data for their own applications.

Places Patterns unlocks access to this data by including time spent, popularity by day, and popularity by hour for all places in the dataset.

Apple Store Fifth Avenue Visits by Hour and Day of Week

Get started with a data sample today

What questions are you looking to answer? Reach out to start working with a data sample of Places Patterns or check out our documentation to learn more.

You can also get data directly from the SafeGraph Shop.

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