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CARTO and SafeGraph Team Up for Powerful Geospatial Consumer Behavioral Insights

October 14, 2019
Roshan George

SafeGraph is just a data company, that’s all we do. Therefore, SafeGraph customers leverage powerful 3rd party geospatial tools to analyze, visualize, and model SafeGraph data in order to drive geospatial insights and build geospatial products.

That’s why we are so excited to announce the inclusion of SafeGraph Patterns data in the CARTO Location Data Stream Catalogue.

CARTO is an industry leader in location intelligence. Hundreds of thousands of data scientists and business analysts use CARTO’s open, cloud software location intelligence platform to turn location data (like SafeGraph Places and Patterns) into better behavioral marketing, optimized delivery routes, strategic store placements, maximized assets, and more.

Previously, one had to manually ingest SafeGraph data into the CARTO platform before starting analysis. Now, SafeGraph data is available in the CARTO platform natively with just a few clicks of a button.

“This is a huge deal for the geospatial data community,” said Ryan Fox Squire, Data Scientist at SafeGraph. “We’ve enjoyed using CARTO technology in the past for internal projects, and we know there are many current and future SafeGraph customers who use CARTO in their daily work. Making SafeGraph data available in CARTO’s Location Data Stream Catalogue makes it much easier to get value quickly with SafeGraph data.”

Javier Pérez Trufero (Head of Data, CARTO) and Andy Eschbacher (Data Scientist, CARTO) described this milestone Wednesday on the CARTO blog:

Today, perhaps more than ever before, people are on the move…Looking at these patterns in aggregate can help cities and governments to boost infrastructural efficiency and help companies and brands to more effectively engage with customers. These patterns have implications for investment decision making, public health, environmental efforts, event management and security, and so much more. It is for these reasons that we are thrilled to announce the inclusion of premium datasets from SafeGraph in our Location Data Stream Catalogue.

The CARTO post illustrates a number of consumer behavior insights that are now at the analyst’s finger tips. To see all the details, read the full post. One example visualizes visits to Starbucks vs. Hilton Hotels over the course of an average day (people typically visit Starbucks and Hilton at very different times).

To see all the details, read the full post from CARTO.

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