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SafeGraph Partners with Databricks on Open Data Sharing

May 26, 2021
Eric Chavez

Data sharing has become important in the digital economy as enterprises wish to easily and securely exchange data with their customers, partners, and suppliers to better collaborate and unlock value from that data. But to date, a lack of an open, standards-based data sharing protocol has resulted in data sharing solutions tied to a single vendor or commercial product introducing vendor-lock in risks. 

As part of SafeGraph’s commitment to democratizing access to data for all, we are excited to participate in the launch of the Delta Sharing project with Databricks and other leading data organizations to bring a free and open data sharing protocol to consumers. Now, Delta Sharing enables anyone who wishes to securely and efficiently exchange data with another organization to send and receive data through a free and open standard protocol, regardless of which computing platforms are involved. 

SafeGraph is thrilled to support Delta Sharing. We’re excited to work more efficiently with our customers and partners with an open, cost efficient and scalable protocol, agnostic of computing platforms or clouds. With Delta Sharing, SafeGraph Places data is now more accessible than ever.

Like Placekey, the universal standard identifier for a physical place, Delta Sharing eliminates vendor lock-in for data providers and consumers. As an open standard usable by any vendor, Delta Sharing is easy to add into products that read Apache Parquet. Part of the widely adopted open source project Delta Lake, Delta Sharing will benefit from a vendor-neutral governance model and a vibrant ecosystem across all clouds. 

Delta Sharing is part of the widely adopted open source project Delta Lake.
Delta Sharing is part of the widely adopted open source project Delta Lake.

Learn more about Delta Sharing and review the technical documentation to get started.

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