Store ID

Unique IDs for Individual Store Locations

A premium column providing the unique IDs for store locations that brands use for their own reporting.

It's never been easier to join data to store locations.

Store IDs are used by brands themselves to represent individual store locations. If you're licensing third party data that does not include an address string, you can easily join it to SafeGraph Places via Store ID to unlock rich contextual information.

Store IDs are often included in third party datasets, making it possible to join Places to data related to:

  • Transaction data
  • Financial statements
  • Quarterly reports
  • And more


Join your existing data to accurate and fresh POIs

Other data sources often include brand-provided store IDs, but no address string or geographic coordinates to help you join that data to a specific location. The Store ID column for SafeGraph Places enables you to join data without a location component to world-class POIs, giving you the detailed context needed for analytics.

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Join your existing data to accurate and fresh POIs

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I don't receive Store IDs today, how can I get access?

Store ID is a premium column that can easily be appended to Places. Contact your SafeGraph Customer Success Manager, or fill out our contact sales form to get a quote.

How often is the dataset updated?

SafeGraph issues updates to Places once per month, which is much more frequently than other POI vendors, who may update once every 3-6 months. We can do this because we work with more sources of data and are much more efficient at combining those sources. During each month, some subset of our sources will send us their updates, and we ensure that we onboard and integrate those changes quickly and easily.

This enables us to quickly reflect store openings and closings in our Places database. The time between a store opening/closing and being reflected in our Places database is approximately equal to the time that the store update is seen by one of our sources and the time it takes SafeGraph to reflect this in our data. The latter of these two is typically within the month, which is very fast compared to other providers, which might be within 3 months. The former of these two is hard to predict - but we do work with sources that generally receive updates very quickly.

Which geographies do you offer Store IDs in?

We provide store IDs whenever a brand themselves provides them, anywhere in the world.


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