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Bryan Johnson: How to Age in Reverse

Bryan Johnson
Bryan Johnson
August 29, 2023

Bryan Johnson is the founder of the payments processing company Braintree, which sold to Paypal for $800 million in 2012. He’s also the founder of OS Fund, which invests in advancing genomic and biological technology, and Kernel, which is focused on developing brain-machine interfaces. In 2021, he launched Project Blueprint, which aims to slow and reverse the aging process in the human body. He's spent millions of dollars optimizing and tracking his health, becoming the "most measured man in history."

Auren and Bryan delve into a comprehensive discussion about optimizing health, longevity, and well-being. Bryan Johnson starts by sharing insights into his biological age and training regimen, including strategies for enhancing V02 Max. He elaborates on motivating oneself for rigorous training and emphasizes Blueprint as a positive pathway for health transformation. 

They also explore fasting windows and their effects on sleep, along with the scientific formulation of Bryan's diet and the importance of aesthetics to the overall anti-aging project. Bryan explains what he recommends as a starting point for anyone interested in implementing the Blueprint, along with the supplements and medications that are part of his daily regimen. Finally, Auren and Bryan explore ideas of addiction and self control, the future of humanity, and the role of data in decision-making.

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David Sinclair: Living to 120

David Sinclair is a professor of genetics at Harvard Medical School and the founder of the Sinclair Lab. He’s the author of the bestselling book Lifespan: Why We Age—and Why We Don’t Have To, as well as a founder of several biotech companies. 

Auren and David discuss the potential to expand the average human lifespan by decades. David challenges traditional notions of aging and emphasizes the need to embrace new technologies. They also discuss the benefits and drawbacks of common anti-aging practices like interval training, fasting, and stress reduction. 

David shares his thoughts on what longevity medicines and supplements are most beneficial, and how to talk to your doctor about them. He breaks down which health metrics to monitor in treating and preventing aging. Overall, David offers an incredibly optimistic vision for what the future of aging could look like, and the science it will take to get there. 

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June 13, 2023

Dr. Nir Barzilai: How to Live Past 100

Dr. Nir Barzilai discovered the first “longevity gene” in humans and pioneered key research around the biology of aging. He’s the founding director of the Institute for Aging Research at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York and the author of the book Age Later. 

Nir and Auren discuss the most promising studies and treatments in the field of anti-aging research and break down the major takeaways from Nir’s seminal studies on centenarians— why they live longer, and what the rest of us can learn from them. 

Nir also explains the role of genetics vs. environment in longevity and makes some data-backed recommendations for anyone who wants to live a longer, healthier life. 

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March 14, 2023