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Understand consumer behavior and trends with foot traffic data aggregated to census block groups (CBGs) with Neighborhood Patterns. Fill out the form and get a sample CSV delivered to your inbox.
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What's included in the download:

  • One month sample of Neighborhood Patterns from Sept 2021
  • Every column or data attribute found in SafeGraph Neighborhood Patterns(see schema here)
What's included in the download:

Answer Your Site Selection Questions

This dataset answers common questions that arise during the the real estate and retail site selection process like:
• Which day of the week is a CBG busiest?
• When during the day is a CBG busy?
• Where do the devices that stop in a CBG during breakfast, lunch or dinner hours travel from?
• How do the weekday demographics of a CBG compare to the weekend demographics?

You can also join this dataset with Open Census data to get more granular consumer demographic insights for each community.

Learn more about this dataset and view the schema in our docs.

Answer Your Site Selection Questions

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