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Download Open Census Data & Neighborhood Demographics

Free bulk download of the complete US Decennial Census and American Community Survey data from 2016-2020, with CBG geometry.
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What's included in this download:

  • 2016 5-year ACS
  • 2017 5-year ACS
  • 2018 5-year ACS
  • 2019 5-year ACS
  • NEW 2020 5-year ACS
  • 2010-2019 Census Block Group geometries*
  • NEW 2020-2029 Census Block Group geometries
  • NEW 2020 decennial redistricting data

*At this time SafeGraph datasets use 2010-2019 CBG geometries

What's included in this download:

Why we offer this:

While the US Census Bureau offers free downloads of their data, it's often difficult and confusing to get bulk access to it at the granularity needed for advanced analysis.

We've pre-cleaned this data and packaged it into easy to use files for each year of the American Community Survey, each including 7500+ attributes like income, age, education, etc. We also include CBG geometries for 2010-2019 and 2020-2029, and the 2020 US Decennial Census data, so you can keep your demographic analysis up-to-date.

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Why we offer this:

Visit the SafeGraph Community to learn more about how others are using Open Census Data

Learn from this beginner tutorial showing how to enrich point of interest (POI) data with Open Census Data to glean demographic information about a POI. For a more detailed tutorial showing demographic analysis follow along this tutorial.