Neighborhood Patterns Across the U.S.

Analyze population movement with foot traffic, mobility data, and consumer insights for each census block group. Select a region, day, and time to get started.

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Unlock the power of geospatial data

Flexible data to power dynamic visualizations of geospatial trends and patterns. Use our data to build powerful visualization tools to help you understand trends and patterns.

Distance From Home

Has the pandemic changed how far from home people travel?

Canada's Top Brands

See which brands get the most foot traffic in Canada.

Regional Brand Distribution

Visualize retail pharmacy brand distribution and regional market trends.

Top Brands in the U.S

Visualize the top brands in the U.S. at the national and state levels.

2020 Election Day Foot Traffic

See how foot traffic to polling stations changed throughout the day on November 3, 2020.

Trade Area Analysis

View historical visit counts and visitor demographics to various retailers in the LA area.

UK Brand Distribution

Where are certain brands in the UK located?

Modeling General Liability with Mobility Data

Mobility data reveals how many people could be exposed to a potential risk.

Mobility vs Buffer Trade Areas

Mobility data provides more detailed and accurate trade areas than a store radius.

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