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SafeGraph’s Response to Congressional Inquiry on User Privacy

June 28, 2022

In May 2022, several lawmakers requested information about how SafeGraph handles data regarding physical locations, including family planning clinics. As part of its commitment to cooperate with lawmakers, SafeGraph voluntarily provided the lawmakers with a comprehensive response to answer their questions and to correct inaccuracies about SafeGraph’s data stemming from previous reporting. 

As the response makes clear, SafeGraph is committed to data privacy and remains at the forefront of privacy innovation by utilizing practices and techniques that are at the cutting edge of industry privacy standards. SafeGraph does not sell data that identifies individuals, nor can our data be “de-anonymized” using any known method of re-identification. Our data products provide historical insights about places, not the individual people who visit them. 

In the spirit of transparency, a core value of SafeGraph, we are choosing to publicly share our formal response to the lawmakers’ questions. We are grateful for the opportunity to correct the public record on these important matters. You can read our entire response here.

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