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SafeGraph Partners with Dewey to Democratize Access to Data for Academics

September 2, 2022

SafeGraph is committed to democratizing access to data. That’s why over the past few years we have partnered closely with universities to provide data for research across a wide range of topics, from the spread of COVID-19 to the economic impacts of natural disasters and more.

Today, SafeGraph is excited to announce a new partnership with Dewey that furthers our ability to provide quality data to academics. Dewey is a brand new platform that unlocks access to data from multiple vendors for use in academic research and curricula. SafeGraph’s high veracity and up-to-date point of interest data, including our rich contextual attributes about places, is now available via the Dewey platform for use in academia.

With the SafeGraph and Dewey partnership, it’s never been easier for academics to browse and download the data they need for research or curriculum development. 

Accessing SafeGraph data through Dewey

Anyone affiliated with a university that subscribes to the Dewey platform can now access SafeGraph data for free. Dewey makes it easy to search for and download the exact data you need to conduct research or develop a new curriculum. 

If your university is not subscribed to Dewey, you can browse and purchase SafeGraph’s datasets on an ad-hoc basis. We offer a number of free samples on Dewey so you can get your hands on the data before making a subscription decision. If you want to work with Dewey to get your university subscribed, you can get in touch with them here.

SafeGraph is the first data company to partner with Dewey, which will soon offer similarly streamlined access to data from other providers as well. To stay in the loop and receive updates about new Dewey partners, you can subscribe here.

The SafeGraph Community is now part of Dewey

For over two years, the SafeGraph Community has been a valuable resource for academics looking to engage with others conducting research with data. Moving forward, the community will be run by Dewey in order to foster similar relationships and discussions among academics about all sorts of data, not just datasets provided by SafeGraph. Over the next few weeks, you’ll see the SafeGraph Community transition over to Dewey - stay tuned for more information.

Continue to share your research with SafeGraph

We love to see the research academics have conducted with SafeGraph data. If you are working with SafeGraph data via Dewey, please be sure to share your results with us so we can highlight your research on our publications page.

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