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SafeGraph Named Databricks’ Data Sharing Partner of the Year

July 5, 2022
Elianne Marcus

Here at SafeGraph, we are honored to be awarded Databricks’ Data Sharing Partner of the Year thanks to our support and adoption of Databricks’ Delta Sharing. We are excited by the opportunity to continue to grow our partnership with Databricks and use this momentum to further the Delta Sharing initiative.

"We are excited to be Databricks’ Data Sharing Partner of the Year and to help build up Delta Sharing from the beginning. We like it as the open protocol for data sharing, and our customers appreciate getting our data with little work and the ability to integrate easily with their workflows. As a data company, SafeGraph is focused on democratizing data for all - Delta Sharing helps us to bring value to our customers from day one," said Felix Cheung, Senior Vice President of Engineering at SafeGraph. 

Our partnership with Databricks promotes SafeGraph’s key value of making data more accessible. Through Delta Sharing, our customers are able to access the world’s most accurate places data within minutes. Delta Sharing is significant for data providers like us because it removes the pipeline hurdles involved in users evaluating or receiving our data, and allows data users to immediately start processing the data how they prefer.

Data users are able to securely exchange SafeGraph data with customers, partners, and suppliers to better collaborate and unlock value from the data through Delta Sharing. This process improvement allows data users to collaborate and unlock value from the data quickly.

“We are honored to announce SafeGraph as Databricks’ Data Partner of the Year,” noted Jay Bhankharia, Senior Director of Data Partnerships at Databricks, “SafeGraph’s thoughtfully curated data enhances customer value and provides rich insights for Databricks customers. We are excited to continue to deepen the partnership and build more value with SafeGraph in the Lakehouse ecosystem.”

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