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Felix Cheung Joins SafeGraph as VP Engineering

February 19, 2020
Auren Hoffman

We are really excited that Felix Cheung has joined SafeGraph as our VP Engineering. He is leading all of engineering at SafeGraph, which is focused primarily on data, infrastructure, machine learning, and more.

Felix has deep expertise in Apache Spark and machine learning infrastructure and is a leader in open source

Felix most recently was Senior Engineering Manager at Uber where he managed engineering teams across 4 different infrastructure/platform areas including Spark as a Service, Machine Learning framework, Data Security & Compliance platform, and the Data Observability platform.  Previously he was the area/tech lead at Uber for Spark.

Felix Cheung Joins SafeGraph as VP Engineering

Felix is active in open source. He is a Committer and PMC member for Apache Spark and Apache Zeppelin (check out his Github profile). He is also a mentor of 4 projects as a part of the Apache Incubator and a Member of The Apache Software Foundation. At Uber, he served on the Technical Steering Committee for the Uber Open Source Program, and led the Data Open Source Working Group as Chair which provided technical oversight around open sourcing software and contributing to open source software projects.

Before Uber, he was a software engineer at Avvo (a start-up), Automattic (well-known for WordPress), and spent over 15 years as a software engineer and engineering manager at Microsoft.  Felix holds a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of British Columbia 🇨🇦.

We are excited for Felix to bring his expertise to SafeGraph. We use Spark, machine learning, and big data every day to ingest data from thousands of sources, and clean, impute, merge, organize, and structure, and deliver world-class data products to our customers.

SafeGraph Continues to Build a World-Class, Distributed Team

Although SafeGraph was started in San Francisco, today half of our team members now live outside of the San Francisco Bay Area (but we all live in North America).

Felix lives in Seattle. That means he will be the third member of the SafeGraph executive team based outside of San Francisco (and we have a fourth that we will be announcing soon) -- continuing our path to becoming a distributed company.  

Felix & SafeGraph team in San Francisco
Felix, Kara and Roshan hanging out at a recent SafeGraph team event in San Francisco. We regularly fly all of our team members to San Francisco for team events. Really exciting to have Felix on the SafeGraph team.

Come work at SafeGraph

If you are interested in working at SafeGraph (with Felix!), we are hiring amazing software engineers and machine learning engineers, as well as sales and business roles (you can be located anywhere in North America). SafeGraph is building geospatial datasets to power innovation across industries. Our goal is to be the definitive source of information about physical places. Read more about our Vision and Values [Focus, Judgment, Humility, Leverage, Don’t-be-a-Bottleneck, and Growth]. Join SafeGraph and help us open access to information and be the data utility to all. 

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