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Building a Killer Go to Market Strategy

March 15, 2022

A lot of SafeGraph customers use GIS platforms like CARTO.  We recently spoke with Javier de la Torre, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at CARTO, on our “World of DaaS” podcast about the world of spatial analytics. 

Spatial analytics platforms can seriously uplevel site selection and revenue modeling

Analytics tools like CARTO provide a rich cartographic user experience that helps customers understand the context of the physical locations of their businesses. This enables them to understand the conditions around these places and improve how they approach site selections.  Whether it’s a new competitor opening near an existing customer location or entering a new market, understanding the dynamics of places in the neighborhood is critical.

SaaS companies are beginning to sell data and services

Although companies like CARTO generate most of their revenue from software, they also provide professional services and data to customers who lack the resources. In CARTO’s case, they offer Data Observatory, a product that aggregates and cleans data from different sources. Being a one-stop shop can be seriously powerful for application companies looking to deliver value to customers fast.

Partnerships can drive step-function growth

Application products recognize that their offering is just a piece of the larger puzzle, the same reality that data companies face. To go where the users are and meet their needs, it’s important to recognize which pieces of technology customers will need, which could be anything from cloud infrastructure, ETL, as well as low code applications, data models and data. By using partners to offer everything your customer needs, you can seriously up-level your go-to-market strategy.

Product-led growth is mostly driven by having killer products

CARTO has always offered a 14-day trial that allows users to download their software and start using it immediately. This free trial model is quite popular and currently has more than 250,000 users. Companies like Tableau have demonstrated that a self-serve model with free trials or freemium can be a killer tactic to product-led growth.  But at the core of it, the main driver of product-led growth is simply having really really great products. 

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