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SafeGraph Data for Academics

Through the Data for Academics program SafeGraph is forwarding our mission to democratize access to data. How is SafeGraph data powering academic research? Find the work done leveraging our data

SafeGraph’s datasets include over 7 million consumer Points-of-Interest (POI) in the US & Canada which includes business listing information (like phone number, business category, open hours) and POI location info (lat/long, physical address, and building footprint). 

Using an anonymized mobile GPS location data panel, we combined this with our POI data to create foot-traffic insights (visitor counts, dwell times, distances travelled, and visitor neighborhood origins) to these POI.

By signing-up for SafeGraph’s Data for Academics program you’ll receive:
- No-cost access to SafeGraph data for your non-commercial work.
- Access to the Placekey community to find support and community with other geospatial data enthusiasts. 

If you're not an academic but interested in accessing the Placekey community you can do so here


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