Visit Attribution

Turn GPS Data Into Store Visit Intelligence

Learn how to use your GPS location data with POI geofences to determine if a device visited a place, brand, or type of store.

Visit Attribution

Precise Polygons to Accurately Measure Visits

See a place’s true boundaries with detailed building footprints that include spatial hierarchy metadata.

Precise Polygons to Accurately Measure Visits

Optimize Ad Spend with Targeted Location-Based Marketing

Deploy the right message, at the right time, to the right person, by using precise geofences to attribute visits.

Optimize Ad Spend with Targeted Location-Based Marketing

See How Billups Accurately Measures Consumer Exposure to Out-of-Home Ads

SafeGraph data enables Billups to recommend to its clients the ideal spot to place outdoor media based on the types of stores and shoppers that pass by the inventory location, leading to superior results for Billups’ clients.

See How Billups Accurately Measures Consumer Exposure to Out-of-Home Ads

We pored through spreadsheets to isolate categories and look for issues in the data. And SafeGraph was the clear winner. There was just so much weird, junky stuff in the other datasets, it just didn't pass basic data quality. So kudos to SafeGraph for a solid product.

- Nic Babb, VP of Product, Adomni

Our work-from-home variable, fueled by SafeGraph data, became the dominant predictor of a new baseline and, even more, was stronger than any other economic variables we had previously used.

- Mark Garratt, Partner and Co-Founder, in4mation insights

From the beginning of our data sourcing process, SafeGraph provided the most comprehensive and actionable POI dataset. Their coverage of the top 1,000 restaurants is unmatched and invaluable.

- Ben Anderson, Senior Manager of Market, Customer, and Competitive Intelligence, Sysco

As human beings, we are social creatures to our core, and need interaction with others. People are typically in three places—their residence, place of employment, and a third location often related to socialization and enjoyment. SafeGraph is a powerful partner to understand human behavior through the lens of data and location intelligence.

- Shawn Spooner, Chief Scientist, Billups

SafeGraph Places helps us more accurately create location-based audiences -- the result of this is more efficient ad spend for our clients.

- Yoram Greener, Executive Director of JubaPlus, Media Storm

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