That's it – that's all we do. We want to understand how humans interact with the physical world.

  • Most Accurate Panel of Where People Go

    Detailed polygon maps on 50+ million
    U.S. places of interest

    Understanding of each business's popularity, taxonomy, hours, etc.

    Core investments
    in benchmarking
    via truth sets

  • You Cannot Have Great Location Data Without Great Maps

    SafeGraph Maps
  • Benchmarking Locations with Machine Learning

  • Fewer, More Accurate Predictions


    fewer predictions | mostly correct

    Other Vendors

    many predictions | mostly incorrect

  • There is a Lot Inside an Anatomy of a "Visit"

    Core truth set for matching

    • High-res GPS data
    • Deterministic data
    • Explicit and implicit truth
    • Data collected in background from large population

    Deep places map

    • Best polygons
    • Footprint geometries
    • Metadata
    • Categories
    • Hours of operation

    Machine learning technology

    Cross-validated against multiple independent 3rd party truth sets about where people go

    We care about truth

    High precision //
    Low false positive rate

    High recall //
    Low false negative rate

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