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Ryan Breslow: The King vs. The Mob

Ryan Breslow
Ryan Breslow
May 31, 2022

Ryan Breslow is the Chairman at Bolt, a decacorn online checkout startup.  

While he’s built one of the fastest growing startups in Silicon Valley, Ryan Breslow is perhaps most famous for his twitter threads about the so-called “Silicon Valley Mob”.  Auren and Ryan dive into the various claims Ryan made about the Silicon Valley juggernauts like Y Combinator, Stripe and Sequoia. 

They also dive into company building and the alternative approaches available to young entrepreneurs out there just starting their journey. 

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Sebastian Mallaby: The Greatest Storyteller in Venture Capital

Sebastian Mallaby is the author of The Power Law, a renowned journalist and a senior fellow for international economics at the Council on Foreign Relations. 

Sebastian and Auren start by discussing the powerful trends in the recent history of Venture Capital. They discuss the rise of the growth funds and crossover funds and the issues with governance that are created as a company grows. They also dive into what makes firms like Sequoia and Benchmark truly special. 

Sebastian and Auren also review the major macroeconomic crises of the past 40 years and what we’ve learned about the Federal Reserve’s role in navigating crises.

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April 12, 2022

Alex Dalyac: The Secret to Building a Computer Vision Unicorn

Alex Dalyac, co-founder and CEO of Tractable AI, joins World of DaaS host Auren Hoffman. Tractable offers artificial intelligence to help people repair, protect & sell their vehicle & home. Auren and Alex dive into the mechanics of building an AI product in insurance, how to build a successful data co-op, and the challenges startups face when going global. They also explore the journey of building a company and how to navigate the tough moments.

Bonus nugget: listen till the end to hear Alex show off his rapping skills.

February 15, 2022