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Mark Penn: Finding the Next Microtrends

Mark Penn
Mark Penn
September 6, 2022

Mark Penn is the CEO of Stagwell and a longtime pollster and strategic advisor. He’s a former senior executive at Microsoft and has advised politicians including Bill Clinton and Tony Blair.

Mark and Auren discuss Mark’s books Microtrends and Microtrends Squared, in which Mark identified minor demographic trends and predicted their outsized impact on society and the economy. Mark gets into the mechanics of good opinion polling and breaks down the major differences between political and consumer polling, and how internet polling is affecting the industry. They also discuss Stagwell and Mark’s digital-first strategy for disrupting the old-school advertising holding companies. 

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Terence Kawaja: The Future of AdTech

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You can find Auren Hoffman on Twitter at @auren and Terry on Twitter @tkawaja.

August 23, 2022