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Jeremy Stanley: How Machines Actually Learn

Jeremy Stanley
Jeremy Stanley
Founder & CTO
June 7, 2022

Jeremy Stanley is Founder and CTO at Anomalo. Previously, he was VP of Data Science at Instacart. 

Auren and Jeremy dive into progress in the artificial intelligence field over the past decade and why most people think about AI incorrectly.  They also discuss the approaches to building data science teams and the tactics Jeremy has seen work best. 

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February 15, 2022

Auren Hoffman: It's Our Moral Obligation to Make Data More Accessible

Audio version of "It's Our Moral Obligation to Make Data More Accessible" by Auren Hoffman.

You can find the full essay at:

Most of the world’s data is sitting on a shelf, being used in a very narrow domain.  This data, if properly activated, could solve some of the world’s biggest problems and lead to more health, happiness, and love for society.  We could use this data to uncover some of society’s biggest secrets.

The data is there.  We just need to use it.

You can find Auren on twitter at @auren.

April 21, 2022