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Bryan Mistele: What the Future of Transportation Looks Like

Bryan Mistele
Bryan Mistele
December 13, 2022

Bryan Mistele is the founder and CEO of INRIX, a leading provider of traffic data and analytics. 

Auren and Bryan discuss how vehicle technology is changing and when we can expect to see mass adoption of driverless cars in the US and around the world. Bryan breaks down which industries he expects will go autonomous first and how self-driving will affect total vehicle sales. 

Auren and Bryan also discuss the intricacies of operating a global data company and what better safety data could do for transportation.

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Richard Barlow: Data Sharing to Enable the Self-Driving Revolution

Richard Barlow is the CEO of Wejo, a publicly traded company that collects and analyzes connected vehicle data. Wejo gathers billions of data points a day from cars all over the world.  

Richard and Auren discuss the state of global connected vehicle data— what vehicle data is out there right now, how many cars on the road are equipped with connected tech, and what new sensors could do in the future. Richard also explains how data sharing could help get autonomous vehicles to the next level and bring self-driving tech to the mass market. 

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November 29, 2022

Dan Doctoroff: Where the Sidewalk Leads

Dan Doctoroff, Founder and CEO of Sidewalk Labs and former CEO of Bloomberg joins World of DaaS host Auren Hoffman. Dan was also formerly the Deputy Mayor of Economic Development for New York City during the Michael Bloomberg administration and Managing Partner at the private equity firm Oak Hill Capital Partners. Auren and Dan dive into how cities are formed and how they can leverage data about the physical world to operate better. They also cover Sidewalk Labs’ unique business structure (including its affiliation with Google’s parent company Alphabet) and how Dan thinks about incubating and forming new businesses. 

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January 18, 2022