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Amjad Masad: CEO of Replit: Future of Coding

Amjad Masad
Amjad Masad
September 26, 2023

Amjad Masad is the founder and CEO of Replit, an online coding environment. 

Amjad and Auren discuss what the rise of AI means for coding, developers, and tech companies. Amjad shares his thoughts on consumer vs creator computer culture, why development hasn’t moved to the cloud faster, and why everyone should be able to call themselves a programmer. 

They also discuss Amjad’s experience coming from Jordan to start a company in the US. Amjad shares whether he still thinks Silicon Valley is the best place for startups. They also discuss unique considerations for CEOs that aren’t talked about often: free speech as an executive, assessing expert opinion, and how investing makes you a better CEO. 

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Steven Pinker: Human Cognition vs. AI

Steven Pinker is a linguist, cognitive scientist, and a professor in the Department of Psychology at Harvard. He’s the author of twelve books, including the bestsellers How the Mind Works, Enlightenment Now, and most recently Rationality.

Auren and Steven delve into the world of artificial intelligence, cognitive science, and intellectual freedom. Steven brings his perspective from cognitive psychology to explain how AI does (and does not) mirror the human brain.

They also explore the complexities of disasters, rationality, and academic freedom, with Steven emphasizing the necessity of open debates in universities. The episode concludes with a thought-provoking discussion on honesty, common knowledge, and communication, pondering on the idea that humans sometimes need to forget the truth to remain human.

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August 8, 2023

Bram Cohen, Founder of BitTorrent & Chia: Decentralization, Data Science & Blockchain

Bram Cohen is the creator of BitTorrent, which revolutionized digital entertainment and has been downloaded over two billion times.

Today, Bram is the founder and CTO of Chia Network, which manages the Chia cryptocurrency. Chia uses a unique proof of space model, in contrast to proof or work or proof of stake models like Bitcoin and Ethereum. 

In this episode of World of DaaS, Bram and host Auren Hoffman discuss a wide range of topics related to technology, data science, and cryptocurrencies. Bram begins by sharing insights into Chia, crypto, and BitTorrent, touching upon the importance of breakthroughs in data science and the limitations of recommendation algorithms when dealing with poor-quality data and misaligned incentives. 

Bram also highlights the dominance of BitTorrent in internet traffic and discusses the role of decentralized compute work, proof of space, and the revolutionary potential of decentralization. 

Additionally, the podcast delves into subjects like the hype around cryptocurrencies, the possibility of a banking collapse, and even Bram's personal beliefs regarding conspiracy theories. 

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You can find Auren Hoffman on Twitter at @auren and Bram Cohen on Twitter @bramcohen and on Substack

September 5, 2023