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Download a complete dataset of demographics from the US Census by Census Block Group along with SafeGraph's CBG (neighborhood) insights & visit patterns.

Neighborhood insights for every Census Block Group

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Complete Demographic Data
7500+ demographic attributes (income, age, education, etc.) available at the Census Block Group level. All data from the American Community Survey is available in bulk with a clean schema and joined with Census Block Group geometry.

See our documentation for details on what's included.
Extends places patterns
Visit Patterns by Census Block Group
Identify most popular neighborhood brands, how people travel between communities, and when people visit census block groups.

SafeGraph's Places Patterns is joined to census block groups to easily analyze Points of Interest (POI) visitor demographics, other brands they visit, and more.

Learn more about the questions you can answer with Places Patterns in our docs.

Neighborhood Demographics & Insights Visualized

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Download the complete dataset below or read our documentation to learn more.