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Download consumer insights & movement patterns at the Census Block Group level to better understand brand affinities and transportation flows for communities.

Neighborhood Consumer Insights For Every Census Block Group

What It Can Do
Questions This Data Can Answer
With this data you can:
- Identify the most popular brands in a neighborhood and find regional brand preferences
- Learn how people travel between neighborhoods and which neighborhoods attract the most outside visitors
- Analyze what times do people visit census block groups to understand commutes and rush-hours

You can also join this dataset with Open Census data to get demographic insights alongside the neighborhood visit patterns.

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SafeGraph Data Joined To CBGs
A Census Block Group (CBG) is the most granular level the US Census Bureau reports data on, and represents a neighborhood of ~1500 people. By analyzing a large panel of anonymized GPS movement data, SafeGraph derived the popularity of a CBG and distances traveled between CBGs.

We also combined this anonymized GPS data with our dataset of 5 million Points-of-Interest (SafeGraph Places) to determine visits to places like stores or restaurants. We used these visit counts to derive consumer insights such as top brands (ex. McDonald's) visited in each neighborhood (CBG).

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Check out Open Census Data - a bulk download of demographic information from the American Community Survey at the CBG level.

Neighborhood Demographics & Insights Visualized

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