Enhance your analytics with geospatial data.

Discover unique use cases and resources for how SafeGraph data can be applied to your industry.


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SafeGraph points of interest (POI), building footprint, and mobility datasets power successful client projects in retail, financial services, government, and more.

Consumer Packaged Goods

Measure brand loyalty, understand trade areas, and optimize supply chain management.


Identify visitor density in commercial business areas to measure demand and ensure compliance.

Financial Services

Enhance models and forecasts with up-to-date location, consumer, and business data.


Track disease impact on economic activity and better understand consumer movement to different places.


Measure access to health resources, understand social determinants of health, and deliver crucial insights to mitigate health risks.


Assess risk, power analytics, and price policies with the most up-to-date information.

Media & Advertising

Use data to segment your audience and build campaigns based off real visit data to places you care about.

Real Estate

Enrich real estate analysis with accurate POI, building footprint, and mobility data.


Attract high value customers, open stores at the right sites, and make the best strategic decisions.


Add detailed visualizations and location context to your apps, products, and services.


Optimize network planning, analyze consumer activity, and understand the competition.