Free Business Location & POI Data In ArcGIS

SafeGraph Places is a highly accurate point of interest (POI) dataset with business listing and geospatial point and geometry data for places where people spend money. ArcGIS users can access all ~5MM commercial POIs for free on the ArcGIS Marketplace.

By enabling all ArcGIS users with this free data,
users can combine GIS tools with business location data
to solve problems such as:

Retail site selection — Identify current store locations in a neighborhood or area to determine the largest opportunity.

Retail analytics — Assess how the proximity of competition affects store performance.

Consumer insights — Determine the types of demographics that impact businesses.

Commercial real estate — Assess which locations might best attract consumers.

Urban development — Determine where investments should be made.

Emergency planning and public safety — Identify what resources are available in different neighborhoods.

“We evaluated several sources of places data for the United States and found the SafeGraph data to be the best overall fit for Esri's requirements, given its relative currency, completeness, and accuracy.”
Deane Kensok
ArcGIS Content CTO
Points-of-Interest Data
SafeGraph Places has data for 5 million Points-of-Interest in the U.S., representing almost everywhere people spend money.

SafeGraph Places:
-excludes extraneous and poor quality POI like ATMs or home business LLCs
- includes rich context like brand affiliation, top category, and categories (NAICS code), store opening hours, and more
- is updated monthly to reflect business changes
Location-Context From Polygons
SafeGraph Places features the precise building footprints (polygons) for places. Our POI boundaries, created from data sources like satellite imagery and human feedback, account for spatial hierarchy and understand when POI (like stores) exist within other POIs (like malls).
How People Interact with physical places
Foot Traffic Data & Insights
Using an anonymized mobile location data panel, SafeGraph derives foot-traffic insights to Points-of-Interest. The footfall dataset can answer questions like:
- How many unique visitors from our panel went to this place?
- Where do these visitors live and work?
- Which other brands did these visitors go to in the same day or month?
- How far do visitors travel to this place from home?
Trade Area Analysis Demo in Esri
View this demo which highlights the power of SafeGraph's POI & foot-traffic data for retail area analysis. View historical visit counts to various retailers in the LA area as well the demographics of visitors (Esri tapestry segments). Thanks to Max Payson, Senior Solutions Engineer at Esri, for building this demo.

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