New Product Launch: Global Brands

Going Global: Announcing SafeGraph Global Brands

October 20, 2021
11:00 am

We're building the industry's most comprehensive global dataset of places data for ANY brand ANYWHERE in the world. If you are a data leader looking for a global POI dataset that is clean, accurate and reliable, SafeGraph's Global Brands may be for you.

Join us to hear from SafeGraph’s product leaders about our global strategy and the technical details of our Global Brands dataset, as well as best practices for operationalizing global data from AtScale’s VP of Solutions Engineering.

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Fletcher Berryman
Fletcher Berryman
Product Manager at SafeGraph

Fletcher Berryman is a geographer and remote sensing specialist currently working at SafeGraph in New York City, a location data firm focused on being the source of truth for places data. Previously, Berryman led emerging markets data startup dataPlor as Head of Sales, grew enterprise relationships at CARTO, and analyzed satellite imagery at Apollo Mapping. Outside of work, he is a Research Associate at the University of Chicago's Center for Spatial Data Science, co-chair of the largest geospatial meetup in the world (GeoNYC), and a year-round NYC surfer.

Daniel Gray
Daniel Gray
VP of Solutions Engineering at AtScale

Daniel Gray brings rich experience in technical solutions engineering as well as software engineering to his work with global enterprise organizations. Prior to joining AtScale to lead the Solutions Engineering team, Daniel spent many years in the analytics space including Hewlett-Packard’s Advanced Technology Center, Vertica, and Domino Data Lab. When he’s not in the office or onsite with customers, you’ll find Daniel running, climbing, hiking, and biking – basically anything outdoors.