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The Trust for Public Land

Park datasets for insights to help protect land for people and communities.

The Trust for Public Land (“TPL”) creates parks and protects land for people, ensuring healthy, livable communities for generations to come. TPL’s park datasets provide the insights that enable researchers, analysts and public sector officials to make strategic decisions.

The Trust for Public Land Datasets

ParkServe Park Boundaries (Trust for Public Land)

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The Trust for Public Land built a comprehensive database of local parks in the nearly 14,000 cities, towns, and communities. We used census-defined urban areas to define where to collect and create local data for cities, towns and communities. For each city, town and community, geographic boundaries were obtained from the US Census 2010 Places geospatial dataset and associated population estimates are derived from Esri’s 2018 Demographic Forecasts. The team attempted to contact each city, town, and community with a request for their parks data. If no GIS data was provided, the team created GIS data for the place based on available resources, such as park information from municipal websites, GIS data available from counties and states, and satellite imagery.

Use Cases

Site Selection

Communities use TPL data to prioritize investments in parks based on a data-driven approach. Using the TPL park data, local governments can pinpoint where nature is needed most.

Socioeconomic Research

Researchers at universities, public institutions and think tanks utilize TPL park data and the demographic information about the surrounding communities to determine unequal distribution of access to quality parks and amenities.

Product Planning

Sports and recreation businesses use parks data to assess which services and amenities are readily available to the public for free via the parks and recreation departments. Understanding this enables them to optimize their offerings to meet sports and recreation demand with data-driven supply.

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