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SMR Research

Commercial Real Estate (CRE) is the focus of their offering here, featuring complete and enhanced information about each commercial property.

SMR Research combines county records, tenant data and satellite data, along with insurance risk and credit risk information.

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SMR Research Datasets

CRE Uses & Contacts (SMR Research)

58 attributes $0.05/record

This file identifies property owners, tells how properties are being used, and provides the names of up to five tenant or occupant firms. Data include names and addresses of owner firms or individuals, and contact persons and titles for owners. Property use descriptions are enhanced from overly-generalized tax assessor reports, with each property’s use classified 3 ways. We also provide building names, very helpful in understanding use (example: building name might be “7-Eleven Store”). Additional tenant names and tenant details are available from SMR.

CRE Financial and Risk (SMR Research)

82 attributes $0.05/record

This file contains financial data on the property plus certain risk factors that might impact buyers, lenders, or insurance companies. Data include local tax assessor numbers for property assessed and market values, with land and improvement value breakouts, as well as purchase dates and prices paid. We merge in mortgage loan data, current lender names, and loan default status. Risk data include FEMA flood zone status, local crime rates, presence of underground fuel tanks, fire risk based on cooking equipment, and predictive scores for credit risk.

CRE Building Characteristics (SMR Research)

90 attributes $0.05/record

This file contains basic data for the physical property and the building(s) on it. It is based on official records of local tax assessors, data from satellite images, and an SMR modeled score for overall building quality. Tax assessors sometimes report details such as roof cover type, exterior walls, architectural style, and other features. Satellite-derived data provide more complete information on numbers of buildings, perimeter square footage, and rooftop latitude and longitude. Year built is typically available, as well as “effective year built” (often the last major renovation). We have lot size and building square footage. SMR’s building quality score is a unique method to rate both quality and condition of buildings.

Use Cases

Prospecting Borrowers

Insurers and lenders will find the risk data, owner information, financial data, and building details useful when considering a policy or loan decision.  Modeled risk scores may be helpful, too.

Investment Research

For investors, SMR’s enhanced property use descriptions make it easy to select properties by type on any street, or in any zip, county, or state.  Tenant/occupant names help, too.

Target Marketing

For marketing efforts, the various attributes associated with a commercial property can be creatively used to address specific audiences.

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