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Multi-channel B2B Marketing Data.

NetWise is the leading provider of true Multi-Channel B2B Marketing Data, to Brands, Agencies, Platforms, Sales & Marketing professionals, and Data Science teams. Our data products help power the majority of business data across all of Ad & Mar-Tech.

Netwise Datasets

Alternative Company Names and Domains (Netwise)

16 attributes $0.02/record

Organizational structuring information featuring the various domains the location represents. Key attributes include Company and Domain names and alternate names.

Employee Counts (Netwise)

351 attributes $0/record

Counts for the types of employees at specific locations for businesses. This is only available via SafeGraph.

Use Cases

Ad Targeting

Use anonymous consumer data to create ad campaigns based on location triggers.

Competitive Intelligence

Gain a competitive edge by understanding where your competitors are located and consumer behaviors to their locations.

Due Diligence

Data to help create a clearer risk profile when reviewing an investment.

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