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Spatial bioinformatics data platform that analyzes human location data.

Locomizer is a spatial bioinformatics platform for analyzing human location data to enable smart interactions in the real world.

Locomizer Datasets

Brand Affinity (Locomizer)

31 attributes $0.05/record

Combined with General Footfall, Brand Affinity measures the affinity of an audience for real world activities and brand-level interest.

General Footfall (Locomizer)

39 attributes $0.02/record

Footfall metrics within a 70m radius of a POI for various movement modalities and visitation modalities.

Use Cases

Economic Research

Using places and foot traffic data to better understand how the economy is performing to create and distribute economic research.

Competitive Intelligence

Gain a competitive edge by understanding where your competitors are located and consumer behaviors to their locations.

Advertising ROI

Understanding how campaigns performed based on consumer behavior data.

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