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Enablers and suppliers of real estate data pertaining to the UK mainland

HARNESS extracts, sharpens and stitched property data together for innovators in commercial real estate, financial services, investment, logistics, law and utilities, who have high-value datasets which underpin their vital judgements.

By unlocking their data and enhancing it with access to the UK’s most complete property dataset, HARNESS creates data that results in actionable insights.

HARNESS Data Datasets

Company Information (Harness Data)

28 attributes $0.005/record

A point in time view of all live UK registered companies. Including company name, registered number, classification, accounting dates, mortgages and SIC codes. UPRN, HPID and Placekey to allow further data attribution. Contains public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence v3.0.

Use Cases

Competitive Intelligence

Gain an edge by staying on top of competition. Utilize HARNESS data to understand property transaction prices, property energy performance and property ownership information. Improve your deal structuring and property development with with tangible data about comparable sites.


Lenders and insurers alike leverage HARNESS data to make better judgment about assets and improve underwriting processes.

Environmental Research

Utilize HARNESS datasets to understand the energy performance ratings, improvement costs, inspection details, assessors data, fuel usage, utilities provisions, fuel usage and overall environmental impact of commercial and residential properties.

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