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Greenwich.HR delivers the largest and fastest-growing source of real-time intelligence for hiring, pay, skills, and careers.

Greenwich.HR data is used by data scientists, application developers, and consulting partners across a ride range of industries, addressing use cases like market valuations, business intelligence, investment management, recruiting, compensation, career development, and economic development. Their Information is gathered on over 70 percent of all new US jobs, from 4.1 million US organizations and is fully refreshed daily and published weekly.

Greenwich.HR Datasets

Core Hiring and Pay Data (GreenwichHR

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Metro-level hiring and pay information for top jobs and companies.

Use Cases

Competitive Intelligence

Businesses uses Greenwich.HR data to identify in real time how local pay and hiring practices are changing, in order to remain competitive in attracting and retaining talent.

Investment Research

Investors use Greenwich.HR data to generate investment insights about businesses and their competitors based on competing employment and salary information.

Socioeconomic Research

Incorporate Greenwich.HR data to research how pay practices are evolving to meet rapidly changing labor market conditions.

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