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Locations of nearby toilets sourced from over 220,000+ listings worldwide.

GoWeeWee is a restroom finder App with 220,000+ listings worldwide. We find nearby toilets in real-time for instant relief and with sanitation schedule for peace of mind. With amenity search features such as wheelchair accessible, baby station, or gender-neutral, we aim to make it easy when nature calls.

GoWeeWee Datasets


31 attributes $0.02/record

GoWeeWee dataset consists of restrooms in the US that are open to the public (30,244 records). Each record shows its detailed information, including geo-coordinates, opening and closing time, amenities, and last update.

Use Cases

Product Development

Building a new web application or product that leverages places data as part of the backend, a feature, or mapping component.

Route Planning

For logistic companies, optimizing your routes for incremental efficiency can mean millions of dollars saved. POI data can be an important input into route planning models.

Urban Planning

Leveraging point of interest and location data to help make decisions on new economic development for cities or neighborhoods.

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