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First American Data & Analytics

First American provides property datasets available nationwide.

First American Data & Analytics provides comprehensive, multi-sourced and verified datasets, backed by the industry’s foremost data experts. Their solutions are powered by pairing mortgage loan-level datasets with their proprietary property data, that spans 100% of the US housing market. Understand the complete snapshot of a property by using First American Data & Analytics data.

First American Data & Analytics Datasets

Assessors (First American)

31 attributes $0.05/record

Comprehensive view of the property information, including characteristics, location, zoning, last market sale, mortgage information and assessed value.

Mortgage & Deeds (First American)

60 attributes $0.05/record

Discover transaction information for a property with details on buyer information, sale amount, mortgage details and legal description.

Assignment & Release (First American)

11 attributes $0.05/record

Discover details for open liens, including assignments, releases and subordinations. Key attributes include Recording Date, Contract Date, New Lender Name and Original Lender Name.

Use Cases

Prospecting Borrowers

Lenders use property data to assess homeownership and prospects for new mortgage financing or refinancing. Mortgage insights enable lenders to manage their portfolio and create leads for new financings

Underwriting Risk

Insurers utilize First American property data to understand up-to-date building characteristics and calibrate their pricing models accordingly to develop a comprehensive understanding of risk. Attributes about the property are essential to appropriately underwrite insurance policies.

Ad Targeting

Marketers leverage property ownership data to create a comprehensive view of audiences and more accurately segment and target. BA45’s pristine and up-to-date property ownership records are ideal for creating highly targeted digital ad campaigns.

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